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  • Posted Date 06/05/2017
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Tenant Find the UK's trusted Online Letting Agents, are leading the UK's online Lettings market with current new investments and the launch of its new easy to use friendly website. Tenant Find is determined in providing landlords a simple unique service.

The question most people will ask is why online letting agents and not your local high street agent. With all the costs associated with high street agents, online agents offer simple selective services, whereby landlords can pick and select according to there requirements. Shall we compare the average high street agent costs against online agent Tenant Find's costs.

Tenant Find Services

Tenant Find £49.99 + VAT High Street Agents £200 + VAT
Rooms/HMO Tenants Tenant Find £24.99 + VAT High Street Agents £100 + VAT
Referencing Tenant Find £64.99 High Street Agents £150 + VAT

These are just a selective few from a range of services. If you compare your local high street agent surely you will notice a huge difference in costs as mostly online letting agents are always cheaper than your local agent. I guess one of the greatest benefits of these agents is less running costs compared to high street agents.

To view Tenant Find's complete services visit: Online Letting Agents